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Canadian Giving

Canadian Flag

Please note: Whatever way that you decide to give, please either email us or fill out a reply card and mail it to Bethany. It is important for our records. Thanks!

Download Reply card here.
If you are Canadian, you may still utilize the three giving methods that are described on the support page. However, I do not think that the receipt that Bethany sends will be valid for tax purposes in Canada. I’m not sure though. If you still want to give through Bethany, you can do that here.
We are working with a Canadian organization (Adventive) that will be handling our Canadian donations and they will be able to issue Canadian Tax reciepts.
You can either mail a check to them made out to Adventive Cross Cultural Initiaves
or ACCI.

Then you should mail the checks to:

Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives
89 Auriga Dr
Nepean, Ontario K2E7Z2

Please note: Rachel and/or my name should appear nowhere on the check. Please include a sticky note or some other means of identification that the funds are coming for us.

Online Giving for Canadians!!

If you would like to give online with a credit card. Adventive has set this up through a website called Canadahelps. You can go to this site through this link: Canadahelps giving (This link will not work properly in Mozilla Firefox! Please open it up in Internet Explorer for now. Thanks
First click the ‘Donate now’, or ‘Donate monthly’ buttons. Then, just choose whether you want to give one time or monthly, enter the amount, and then choose John and Rachel Clancy from the drop down menu. And proceed to check out.
Pretty simple. If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us or Adventive. Their website is www.adventive.ca

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