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Feb 09-State of the Clancys


So, what are we up to now adays? Here’s a wee summary of what we’re doing now.

Living arrangements: We are still living in a three bedroom flat in the bustling west end of Paisley, Scotland (which is just outside Glasgow). If you have never seen where we live, check out the gallery for some pics. We did have a flat mate, but she just moved out so, now we’ve got the place all to ourselves. Sad to see her go though…

For those of you who have never been to Paisley’s west end, it was a bit of a jest to call it bustling, as it’s reputation is for being a bit run down, and rough. But, we’re very near the church here, and we have grown to really like the area. Rachel has gotten to know a few of the shop keepers and workers through her job at the cafe, and I too, have gotten to know a few folk in the neighborhood.


Rachel: I mentioned Rachel’s job at the cafe, we don’t think that she’ll be returning to that job any time in the next year or more. She loved it, but with three weans now, the role of mom is quickly expanding to be a full time job, which is cool. Thankfully, she is getting maternity pay, for the next several months, so financially, we are doing fine.


John: I’m still working at Christians Against Poverty (CAP). For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a debt counselling centre, which sends it’s counsellors into the home to help them sort out their financial situation. It’s a wonderful job, and they care about the whole person, and so if a persons issues transcend their financial situation, which it often does, we seek to minister to the person in whatever way that we can. It’s an amazing opportunity, and it is really great to be able to present a solution to someone who was in way over their heads.

Currently, we as CAP Paisley, are looking at what our financial position will be like next year. There will be a measure of funds that are available now, that will not be available in 2010, and so, we are trying to decide what that will look like, and what God would have us do.


The Church: We are still active members of Christian Growth Centre Paisley. It’s a great young church with quite a bit happening. The biggest change that has been announced recently is that some good friends of ours, Niell & Fiona Shaw, will be taking over pastoring the church. They are going to be some of the area’s youngest pastors, if not the youngest, and it will be exciting to see their vision come into being.


The kids: Kiera just had her second birthday on the 10th of Feb, and Aria is now three and a half. Johnny boy is of course a couple weeks old now (if that). They are really exciting to be around, they love joking, Kiera loves climbing on me, and Aria loves chatting. She asks so many questions, and just talks and talks, it’s great (especially after 9am).

What to say about Johnny… He’s so chilled out! I have a hard time believing that any baby can be that chilled. He very rarely cries or anything. I think it’s just that Rache is just so good at recognizing needs and meeting those needs, so that he never gets out more than a grunt or two before the need is satisfied. At any rate, I’m certainly sleeping pretty well, and Rachel says that last night she had two really good stretches, four hours and three hours. Well ok, I guess the term ‘good’ is used a bit loosely. As I said, being a mom is a tough job 🙂




4 Responses to “Feb 09-State of the Clancys”

  1. Jayne
    April 6th, 2009 00:14

    I had to get a Clancy fix. Miss you guys we need to talk.

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