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Communications Shattered


It seems that I never really know what’s around the corner. I mean, you make your plans. Right? Then, you start heading toward that oasis in the sand that you’ve set your heart on, but as you get close, those green pastures sort of shift. Lately, this has been a bit of my story. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not trying to paint a glum picture. Things aren’t bad right now!
It’s just that what seems to happen with me, is that I can find that my heart has been set on a little clump of trees and a patch of grass, and when I start making my way toward that, I find my way is slightly barracaded. Maybe, there is an obstacle in my way, or maybe, something else pops up that I need to do first, or maybe I’m just so tired, that I can’t make it. But, what really helps me through what would otherwise be an incredibly frusterating experience is the notion that there is a reason that my path is hindered. Perhaps the thing I’m trying to achieve is not always what God would want me to have.
By now, I’m sure that you are wondering what the heck I’m really talking about. Well, before I dissapoint you with that (because it’s really not a huge, big thing), let me carry on a bit more. I started planning these things weeks prior to our moving. I waited on hold for hours and hours with the landline company. I did tons of research on the best broadband company, and I discussed the intricacies of mobile phone plans and packages with friends. I looked at package plans, I looked at cable modems, I even looked at wireless modems. I considered data usage, peak hours, tarrifs, discounts, combos… etc, etc… Are you picturing it? Communications for me are a big deal. I want to be able to communicate, and so I really was setting up a sort of oasis package that I would find that would be affordable and good.
But, the amazing thing is that it seemed as if when I actually went to get things set up, that every single avenue was found to be blocked. The landline company, who had told me once that it would be no problem to have the phone line switched on with just a couple of days notice, now told me (after hours of hold (literally)) that it would cost £129 to have the line installed, which is $260. And, I’ll only be living in the flat for 6 months. I just can’t seem to justify that kind of spending. But, without a landline, that means that I can’t get ADSL broadband, or dial-up. For those of you who aren’t so technically minded, that means that the only other means of internet is a mobile modem (using a cell phone), or cable internet. And, since no cable company installs in my building, I went to the mobile phone companies.
“No big deal!”, I figured. If I have to not have a landline, I’ll just get a really great mobile plan so that Rachel can make the calls that she needs, and maybe we can use the internet once in a while to check our emails. So, I dive into finding the right plan, using my lunch hours to discuss the various plans with reps from several different high street shops in downtown Glasgow. I finally find the right solution with Vodaphone! It has unlimited calls between two phones, mobile broadband, shared minutes, a real thing of beauty (to someone slightly geeky). Yet, when I go to set it up, the guy helping me out says, “Sorry mate, the company came back and declined your lines. Not enough credit”
He had told me I’d probably have to pay a deposit, but it didn’t work out that way. And, what’s more? He said that several declined requests to the credit companies can actually make your credit worse. So, I shouldn’t actually try any other company for the next three months!
At this point, I’m starting to think that maybe I should just leave it. But, is that really such a big thing. I mean, if I’m honest, I’ll tell you that having a highspeed internet connection in our house isn’t such a great thing for us as a family. I’m not trying to say that it’s evil or anything. I’m just saying that without it, Rachel and I will most definitely have one less distraction in the house. Having less distractions really does foster more of an atmosphere of communication between us. And, perhaps with less digital pathways to our friends, we will be forced to have more people over too. I mean, that is sort of old fashion but, it’s good too. 😉
In terms of our communication with all of our frineds and family back in the US-Canada-India and wherever else, don’t worry folks. We won’t forget about you. We’ve made arrangements to come to the library once a week (I’m writing from there now), and there are other places that we can use the internet as well. We’ll keep our website up dated and call when we can.
So, it sort of seems trivial in a sense. But, in another sense, the lesson that God is teaching me is anything but trivial. The things that I sometimes see as essential to life, are not always so. There are other things more important and if I hold tightly to the things that I think are important, and I chase after those oases that I set up, I may miss the ones that He’s leading me toward. He always knows where the real oasis lies. And, the promise of God (Ps. 23) is that He will lead us to that place of rest and green pastures. So, am I willing to trust Him in this. Yes… I’d be a fool not too!

One Response to “Communications Shattered”

  1. Charissa
    July 18th, 2007 08:07

    Whew! I have had my fair share of experiences similar to yours and I can empathize. Mom is actually going through the frustrating process of trying to get a new cell phone as well. The whole “credit” thing is really not fair either – and here I thought it was only in the States that they pulled those sorts of tricks. It makes me want to lobby for credit reform! Your ability to see past the road blocks, rather the reasons for the road blocks is nice to be reminded about. Thanks for the article and the lesson too. Love & Miss you all!

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