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Riding the Bus


I don’t know when my mind first began to swing toward environmental issues, and how our actions, my actions, can have an effect for the good or harm of creation. I think I began to have this conviction in college. I’ve always loved nature, that’s a given. It’s hard not to, spending one’s childhood in such a lovely corner of the earth as the northwest. Perhaps the seed for this passion has always been in me, but I think it began to grow after a lecture from a professor who was visiting my college. He talked about the different effects on man, etc. after The Fall. One of the areas that became subject to frustration was the earth itself. And I am now under the conviction that it too shall be once again redeemed: a mystery that I can’t quite wrap my mind around.
As I go about my days, I carry with me a strong conviction that is personal to me (not everyone’s passion, I know) and this conviction has become strongly embedded in my conscious mind: it has a strong effect on the way I live my life.
This conviction is worked into many different areas: one is transportation. This is one of the reasons why I love the accessibility of public transportation in so many places in Europe. I was reading Scotland’s Socialist Party paper that was delivered through the mail slot in our front door and one of the things they want to do is move Scotland to being a country where all public transportation is free. They described different ways on how they saw this as possible and the vast amount of money that would be saved by the government in other venues: road upkeep, accidents, air cleansing (from exhaust), etc. While it seems a little out there in thinking of how it would all come together, I definitely embrace the idea (but don’t fear, I haven’t turned socialist here!). I love the fact that it’s so easy to hop on the train and go to the next town with no traffic jams (well, rarely). Also, you (as a person on the train) are one less car on the road–amazing! And when you consider the cost of parking in Glasgow for the day, it actually ends up being cheaper to take the train (unless you carpool, I suppose).
All that being said, it is awfully hard to take two little ones on the bus by one’s self. The train is far more manageable as I can just wheel them right on in the stroller without having to worry about folding it up. But the train can’t take me everywhere and yesterday I had the need to go to the bigger mall to pick up some work clothes for John. I tried to get us out the door by nine or nine-thirty in the morning, but very soon I saw that it was not going to happen and I was just getting stressed so I put it off until after Aria’s mid-day nap and lunch. Then I put Kiera in the snugglie and popped Aria into the light-weight stroller we have and off we went to the bus stop. When the bus pulled up, I tried to get Aria to step up onto the bus, but the steps were too much for her. Thankfully someone else who was waiting lifted her on and set her beside me as I paid my fare. The bus was packed: only three seats were available and they were all in the back. I put the stroller in the place for luggage near the front and hoped the driver would give me a chance to get to the back before taking off. But no, he flew away from the stop and sent Aria sprawling to the floor before I could reach her. Some kindly people helped me out and then three others helped me off the bus, one carrying Aria, one taking my bag, and another grabbing the stroller for me. Boy, I appreciated them!
That was only the beginning though: I had to make a transfer to get to the Braehead mall and then take the bus back after a stressful time of “malling” (shopping with a toddler is such a crazy idea!). The other two bus rides were a combination of Aria wanting to get down, complaining that her belly hurts (she only does that on longer bus rides), and crying some more to get down. The trip home saw me sitting in a seat wearing Kiera, using my feet to keep my two bags from flying everywhere, using one hand to keep the stroller from falling over, and using the other arm to keep Aria, who has insisted on being held, perched on my knee. Instead of transferring, I decided to walk the last leg of my journey home!

2 Responses to “Riding the Bus”

  1. John Mark
    April 20th, 2007 23:32

    Hey Rach,

    I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I love catching up on you guys. If you wanna see my baby we just posted new pics, so come check it out.


  2. Rebeca
    April 21st, 2007 17:32

    Fun, fun, fun! I recently rode the bus for the fist time with my two kids in tow. It was an adventure!

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