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Runaway Cookie Monster…


A blustery day saw us off from Syracuse, into New York City, then to Iceland, and finally to Scotland—everywhere we went the wind was ready to sweep us off our feet. All in all, our travels went wonderfully smooth and though both the first two flights were delayed, we still made our last one and it left on time.
I had some trepidation over travelling at eight months pregnant, but besides being rather uncomfortable most of the time and getting a little nose bleed, I came through it all right. We were very thankful to have a sturdy stroller to push Aria in as we waded through airport crowds and down long hallways. Aria enjoyed getting to ride in it as well and made a big fuss as we got on our first flight and gave it to an airline employee to gate check. As John passed the stoller to him, Aria grabbed hold of one of its bars and leaned back, trying to pull it toward herself.
Aria really seems to enjoy take-offs and landings. There definitely is a lot to see at such times. As we left New York City at 9 pm, I was awed by the sheer volume of vibrant orange lights overwhelming the landscape. Pristine rows of glowing orbs stretched off to the horizon with an occasional dark patch marking a body of water. The concave arches of a bridge spanned one of these, lit up with whiter lights. It was a sight to behold. Flying above the clouds is also a treat. It’s a lovely sight to look down on huge masses of billowing blue, grey, and white lit up by the sun. We flew out of Rekyavik, Iceland at close to eight o’clock in the morning and I was reminded of how far north we were merely by the way the earth was still covered in thick blackness. The morning was clear and the milky reflection that the bright moon made on the northern waters was beautiful, causing a soft glow to allow us to see small outlying islands and shorelines. As we were headed to Scotland, we were flying east, flying into the dawn with the plane headed straight toward an ever-lightening horizon bright with the reddish-orange of an early sunrise. Looking at such a sight filled me with a calm that a sleepless night and constant travel had eaten away at.
So now, Cookie Monster: how would Cookie Monster make his way into our story? JFK airport in New York City was extremely crowded. Walls of people speaking so many different languages created a type of maze that we had to navigate through in order to get where we were going. It was here, in Terminal 7 at Gate 2 that we had to sit on the floor and wait for one of our delayed flights. As it was already past eight and we wanted Aria to sleep on the next flight, we got her all ready for bed: a clean diaper and her cuddly, footed pajamas. She entertained herself by “visiting” with various people and crawling in and out of her stroller. Over on a nearby bench sat two, obviously European men, both with Abercrombie bags that each had something that you might win at an amusement park sticking out of the top of them: a black velvet and silver sombrero and a very large, blue Cookie Monster. The Cookie Monster was facing away from us, but when the young man noticed Aria looking curiously in his direction, he turned the Cookie Monster around to face her. Aria thought that was great. She tentatively walked toward it until she was about three feet away, and then ran back to where I was sitting. We reassured her that it was alright and that she could go look at it. She headed out again and as soon as she got close, she rushed in, grabbed the Cookie Monster that was almost her height, and made a mad dash back towards us while knocking over both Abercrombie bags. John quickly caught her amidst the laughter of the many waiting passengers who saw the whole incident play out and returned Cookie Monster to his rightful owner. Sesame Street has recently been introduced to Aria’s world and she was undoubtedly delighted to have one of the characters come in bodily form to JFK.
So we are here—Scotland—ready to embrace this new adventure. We’ll keep in touch as we take on what may come our way.

6 Responses to “Runaway Cookie Monster…”

  1. dean and jayne
    January 10th, 2007 11:21

    I could just see Aria making off with cookie man! and i can just see John scooping her up! That little girl sure makes a scene where ever she goes!
    We are just ahead of you guys! Got into Hyderabad the 10th also, spent a day in Amsterdam, went to Harlem very nice city. We loved being home fro christmas and new years, time went way too fast, and we didn’t get to see every one we wanted to see. But the weather is much nicer here in India right now. Well hope to see you sometime. see you down the road Dean and jayne

  2. Brianna
    January 10th, 2007 14:04

    Lovely story! I’m so happy to hear that you made it safely. Looking forward to the arrival and seeing pictures of you new bonny wee bairn. Greet your sis for me.

    Love you,

  3. Chet Poplaski
    January 10th, 2007 20:03

    That was cute Glad you made it safe In our prayers Love Chet & Tina

  4. Danelle
    January 11th, 2007 08:55

    Awww…I am so gald to hear you made it safely…AND AT EIGHT MONTHS! You had reason to just be a little hesitant! Praise the Lord for fun times even in the midst of crazy airports and their lines and the “just sitting and waiting”.Fun times like this Cookie Monster Story of yours! Adorable…I played it all out in my head….(our kiddos love Sesame Street too!)…Blessings to you and we are so excited for the birth or your baby…your in our prayers!..Love Brian and Danelle

  5. Dorothy
    January 11th, 2007 17:33

    God bless you guys. Glad to hear this fun story. may the Lord especially be with you as you try to take this next month in stride. Hi to Jessica etc

  6. Tara Hills
    January 12th, 2007 21:39

    Do we get the honor of having introduce Sesame Street into Aria’s world? 🙂 Does that make us accomplices in this almost-crime? I gladly take the hit!

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