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Thursday’s Child


the famEnjoying some family time on our balcony.

As the old saying goes, “Thursday’s child has far to go”. I suppose that could be taken in different ways. In regards to Aria, my little Thursday baby, I’d say that the saying means she will travel far in her life, will experience much. She’s already done quite a bit of those. Under a year old and she’s already lived in two countries on two different continents and visited a third! A pretty well travelled baby, wouldn’t you say? As far as experiences go, well, there are plane trips, a camping trip, three weddings, falls off the bed, fending off evil mosquitoes, dealing with cheek-pinching, and watching the goats traipse by our apartment building—not too bad for a wee tike.

passportpicTrying to get a passport photo of Aria–this one wasn’t it!

Her are some blurbs about the current state of affairs in her life:

Aria continues to be a celebrity, drawing stares, laughter, and smiles wherever we go. I was in the grocery store the other day, when I heard one of the salesgirls calling her by name! I was shocked as, of course, I didn’t remember the girl. However, Aria’s name is constantly asked for, so I suppose I’d given it out on a former trip and it had been remembered. I’ve gotten much better at saying “no” to strangers when it comes to allowing Aria to be held and the result is that she is more comfortable and social around people—something I saw in her early on.

mango!“Daddy, I NEED some mango. I’m not leaving ’til I get some.”

Aria’s mobility has greatly increased in the past month or so and she can crawl so quickly when she wants to, wherever her little heart desires. Sometimes her desires lead her to places she’s not allowed to be in (such as the dungeon kitchen). She KNOWS she’s not allowed in there and sometimes will stop in the doorway behaving like an obedient girl—other times, she’ll hear us say “no” and will race across the kitchen as quickly as she can and grab onto my legs. What to do? Well, I take her out every time and tell her that the kitchen is “no”. Who thought being consistent could be so stinkin’ difficult?! Aria is also very adept at pulling herself up and when I’m sitting at the computer and she wants me, she pulls herself up to standing, rests her head on my thigh, and sucks her thumb—irresistible!
Aria loves music and bounces up and down on her bum when she hears it. If she really likes it, she’ll clap her hands as well and occasionally “sing” along.
She also likes other children and dogs very much, but I think she leans towards dogs more as other babies often are frightened of her jubilant squeals of delight when she sees them. So, it’s dogs. When I walk down the street with her and we see a dog, her legs stiffen around me, her back arches, and she sometimes lets out a babyish pronunciation of “Doggie!”—her first word besides “mum-mum”, “daddy”, and “hi”. Sometimes she’s very unhappy with me when we walk away.
Food is a constant source of interest for Aria. Every time I eat something, she figures that entitles her to eat something too. She pretty much likes everything, but isn’t so fond of the watery baby cereals anymore. I think she likes oatmeal best, after mango, of course. She loves sitting at the table with us at dinner time as we all eat together.

crazy girlMore food! More food!

I confess that it saddens me that she is not usually around her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. What a wealth of family she is missing out on! Sometimes the sacrifices that come with missions and the like seem very large. I know they’re not in the whole scope of things. And I’m so thankful that though my Thursday baby has travelled far, she has been able to meet and be loved by all her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I consider this a wonderful gift.

11 Responses to “Thursday’s Child”

  1. Rebeca
    June 16th, 2006 06:47

    What a wonderful snapshot into her life! Yes, she’s quite the cultured baby- it’s too bad she won’t remember her adventures so far! It really is amazing how hard it is to be consistent, but it sure helps. Mangoes- I have to envy you a bit. My favorite fruit, and my kids love them too.
    Thanks for the tip about allergies and honey. I do buy local stuff, and have even tried bee pollen by the spoonful (yuck) but should give that one another shot!
    Much grace to you as you wade through paperwork!

  2. nonna clancy
    June 18th, 2006 12:03

    Hey Rachel, Loved this little insight into our “our Thursday girl”. On this end as a “first time Grandma”, I never realized how difficult it would be to watch from a far the delightful growth, to miss the first few attempts at crawling, the faces a baby makes when she tastes her first food, the sound of her words, and her different expressions. I grew up surrounded by all my family and my grandma lived with us…so for me it is very hard. But I am so proud of you and John for the work you are doing for the Lord and I know that when the time comes, I will have a very special relationship with my beautiful grandaughter. Thanks for all the photo’s

  3. Rachel
    June 19th, 2006 04:28

    Rebeca- Thanks for the encouragement on being consistent. Man, it can be tough! You’re right, it’s funny that she won’t remember any of these early adventures–what strange things our memories are!

    Nonna- I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the photos. I’m so happy to share them with Aria’s grandparents especially as I can imagine being far from her can tug at the heart-strings.

  4. AWHall
    June 19th, 2006 17:35

    Love that little girl of yours – she really looks like her mom!

  5. Rachel
    June 19th, 2006 23:32

    Hey, thanks for the compliment!:-)

  6. Donna Hall
    June 21st, 2006 21:38

    HI Rachy!
    That little “Thursday” girl is such a cutie! HOw nice that you have the internet to keep her longdistance relatives in touch with her.(and you of course). Times have changed- years ago missionaries parents wouldn’t hear from them for months at a time. God is faithful He gives the strength and grace we need for every situation.
    Love you,
    Aunt Donna

  7. Rachel
    June 21st, 2006 23:42

    Amen to that! Glad you got to meet her–hey I heard Uncle Bob will be flying planes in the Yukon all summer. I bet he’s excited!

  8. devon
    June 25th, 2006 15:41

    So sweet! I almost feel like i can know her even before meeting her. i wonder when we might see you three. Scott has these ideas that he throws out there sometimes…. like India, Norway and more. Even in the next year or so. But then India is beyond big and who knows just where you are compared to where eric and the rodgers usually are. i will continue loving your blog and look forward to more. When elena has time i’ll ask her to make your blog a link on mine so i can remeber and check on you more often. Love, devon

  9. Rachel
    June 26th, 2006 04:18

    Hey, with travelling people like us, you never know when or where we might meet! We are very far away from the Rodgers and Eric, but if we ever did pick up the traveller ministry in India, we’d head their way!

  10. Priyanka
    July 11th, 2006 21:30

    I met her 2 days ago in subway and i can’t forget her. She is really cute. GOD BLESS HER. I wish i cud meet her often.I love babies and i was so happy on that day after meeting ARIA.Lovely family. Take care.


  11. Rachel
    July 12th, 2006 00:49

    Glad you were able to get to know her a wee bit! If we see you at Subway again, we’ll bring her over to say hi.

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