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Her Karma, My Truth


Rachel and I walked into a children’s hospital yesterday to ask if we could use their fax machine. Sounds strange right? Well, it happens that the hospital is right next door, and well, without going into the details of the whole thing… we needed it.
So, anyway, we got into a crazy discussion with a upper-caste Indian doctor. This woman was very pleasant to talk to but, the ideology that she shared was fatalistic and sad. The first thing she spoke of was Karma–you know, you do good in this life, good comes back to you, and vice versa with the bad. Now, when you add the cycle of reincarnation to Karma, the result is that one deserves to be at whatever level one was born into. So, if you were born as an untouchable, then it is ultimately justice that you are there–you deserve it. This is very different from a Christian perspective that says, it is “appointed once upon a man to die, and then the judgment” (Heb. 9:27). Naturally, the strongest believers in this system are going to be the higher castes. They are the ones who are reaping the rewards of their karma, which was “no doubt” well earned in a previous life.

Hindu religious man
Hindu religious man

So, as we got into this conversation with this woman in her mid-fifties, she brought up Karma and Hindu philosophy to share with us, trying to point out to us the rightness of her views. We listened politely, but I then refuted, “That’s very different from what Christianity is.” Though she also listened, looking at us with gentle eyes, she told us of how she thought that all religions are basically the same–that they have just been changed because of geography and cultures. So, we shared with her Christ’s claims and how forgiveness works through the blood of Jesus. At one point, she even asked us with disbelief, “These things are in your scriptures?”
But, then just as quick, she exclaimed that there are just a few verses in her Baghavagita that say the ‘same thing’.
She then said something really sad that I would like to ask you to pray about. She said that it’s natural that the lower castes would love Christianity. She said, “They drink, beat their wives, and then hear about forgiveness of sins and naturally want to be a part of it. But the educated and the upper classes don’t buy it. “And also”, she continued, “even when the lowerclass do become Christians, they still hang the sacrifices outside their doors, and they still go to the temple and still do this… and still do that… etc.” That is what really struck me. How sad it is that in many cases she is right. She is definitely very wrong about a lot of it. But the mixing of Hinduism with Christianity is very sad.
As far as the upper classes not getting saved, well that is just not true. As part of my job, I’m writing web articles for CBN India.org and over the last couple of days, I have seen a few stories of upper-class, well educated people who Jesus just makes Himself known to in amazing ways. So… Please pray with me that He makes Himself well known to her! We will continue to pray and also to speak with her from time to time so pray for us as well, to speak with wisdom and boldness.

One Response to “Her Karma, My Truth”

  1. nonna clancy
    June 18th, 2006 12:09

    John, your steps are ordered by the Lord and I know He had you meet this woman for many reasons. Just keep spreading the seed and it will bear fruit.

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