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My Heroic Act of Bravery


Saturday morning—oh joy!—only half a batch of diapers to wash and the prospect of spending the day with John at home. We’ve had fitful sleep lately as a result of a wakeful baby so I planned on taking Aria out of the room and letting John sleep in (8 o’clock in the morning has become sleeping in for us!). Little did I know that my house had become a battle zone.
John’s dad and sister did a wonderful gesture of kindness by sending us cockroach traps (along with other delightful goodies) in a package. Last night, John set them out and I assumed we wouldn’t be seeing cockroaches for a while—naïve little me! I took Aria into her room (she’s been sleeping in ours because of the AC) to change her diaper, and there, at the far end was a BIG cockroach. Thankfully, it was lying on its back with its legs wiggling in the air—it had gotten into the poison and was now ungracious enough to lie dying in my little girl’s room. I ignored it, finished the diaper change, and shut Aria’s door until John got up and could dispose of it.
Immediately after exiting the room, I saw another HUGE cockroach marching around the main room as if he owned the place. I stood in the corner with Aria in my arms, feeling like those evil perversions of nature were taking over our house. We watched him as he scuttled around our table and then tromped over our shoes near the door, happy as you please. I went to a different part of the room and set Aria down on her play mat. I then contemplated whether I should wake John up, but I really wanted to let him sleep in. I then wondered if I should spray the thing with RAID, but didn’t want the fumes to be in our two main rooms while Aria was around. At this point, I must add that bugs are NOT my thing—visions of my sister and me calling my mum at work near hysterics because of a spider in our room floats through my mind (we finally killed it with a shoe and a lot of screaming). Usually in this circumstance I think I would have avoided having to kill the thing at all costs, but I had my baby girl to think of, didn’t I? Finally, after watching him desecrate our shoes with his dirty little feet again, I exerted my courage, grabbed a shoe (John’s, of course) and hit that filthy thing over his entire body, undoubtedly harder than I had to. My heart was racing and I felt like I was facing a ferocious lion and not just a nasty cockroach. I didn’t bother to look at the squished ‘roach, but left the shoe just where it had landed. (John said later that when he went to clean up the ‘roach’s carcass, it had green guts coming out of it—hoo-boy, make me vomit!).
Not long after, we found another dead cockroach lying on its back by the computer desk. I put Aria in a chair to play beside me as I didn’t want her to become too curious about the dead black thing on the floor. I sat at the computer, ignoring the fact that I was surrounded by dead cockroaches and trying not to imagine the bathrooms being overrun by them. I was thirsty, but wasn’t about to venture into the kitchen.
Finally, John got up and I immediately had him get rid of the dead varmints. However, one wasn’t dead yet! The one who’d been dying in Aria’s room was having one last joy-ride and John had to chase it with the dust pan. Aria got frightened to hear the dust pan thwacking the floor. John tossed the cockroaches off our balcony and they fluttered down, one of them trying to land lightly (must have been the one beside the computer desk that I thought was dead!). As it landed it was immediately eaten up by a gecko—what a fitting ending.
I must add that there was one more BIG cockroach this morning; however, it was safely set away in a sticky Cockroach Hotel (a type of trap). Sick, sick, sick!
P.S. I’d include a picture, but I don’t want to gross anyone out.

18 Responses to “My Heroic Act of Bravery”

  1. Rachel
    April 29th, 2006 00:54

    Charissa, if you’re reading this, don’t worry and have no fear. I’m sure the traps will do the trick and this is just a preliminary happening while they take effect.;-) Love you.

  2. Jessica
    April 29th, 2006 03:50

    rachee, you’re my hero. i still remember very well the whole ‘spider-in-the-room-call-mum-screaming’ experience… funny how those are some of the memories that stand out! if i remember correctly, caleb wouldn’t go anywhere near it! anyways, hope you’re rid of ’em soon. love you.

  3. Rachel
    April 29th, 2006 06:06

    Yeah, Jess… I was going to mention that Caleb was such a scardy-cat too, even though he should have been the heroic brother figure, but I didn’t want to embarass him just in case he EVER reads this stuff. Oops–guess the secret’s out! Sorry bro!;-)

  4. Rachel
    April 29th, 2006 10:12

    AAAAHHH!!!!! Our house is being overtaken! A mouse just jumped out of the cupboard at me and is now scampering around the TINY kitchen… John’s trying to catch it now. Okay… he didn’t catch it and is now going to buy a mouse trap. He wanted me to mention that as the mouse ran about my feet, I cried out, “AAAH–Jesus help me!! Hey, what would you have done?! Also, a few more little cockroaches today–I don’t think I can do this!

  5. Rebeca
    April 29th, 2006 14:07

    Oh, I feel your pain! Cockroaches are nasty little (or not so little) beasts to contend with. In Nepal we would have contests before bed to see who could kill the most with our shoes. Sick.
    Hey, have you ever checked out Mooncup? (http://www.mooncup.co.uk/wc.php?u=768) It’s my new favorite environmentally friendly product, and I would have loved to have one over there. (I love it over here too, but it would have made life simpler there!)
    Hope you have a great weekend with your husband home.

  6. Rebeca
    April 29th, 2006 14:26

    …And that picture of your baby on the top of this page is adorable!

  7. devon
    April 29th, 2006 17:17

    Rachel!! scott and i both looked at the picture of your baby girl and said “she is soooo beautiful! adorable! precious! i wish i had found your site sooner. i laughed so much about your bug trouble and now i can’t wait to catch up on what you’ve been doing. ooh, and more pictures! rachel! i love you and now we can be in touch. say hi to john for both us.

  8. Rachel
    April 30th, 2006 10:25

    Rebeca, thanks for the info on the environmentally friendly product–what a great idea! I’ll have to get one. You were brave to have cockroach killing contests! And probably no husband at the time to carry their guts outside, eh?
    Aria is such a stinker (in regards to photos). For the longest time she would just ignore me when I had the camera–now she just wants to come over and tackle me!

    Devon! A treat to hear from you and have you visit our “home”. John and I say “hi” back to you and Scott… it was great to find your site and see your two beautiful babes. It’s been a while…

  9. Gavin Hills
    April 30th, 2006 14:13

    If you had a picture I would love to see it. Oh, I am sure you know this but, cockroaches are actually one of the cleanest insects. However their intrusion is not to be tolerated and you need to smoosh. smoosh, smoosh!!!!.
    May God give you courage to kill those little(or big) suckers at every encounter.
    God bless

  10. Rachel
    May 1st, 2006 11:23

    They are one of the cleanest insects!?!?! How can that be when they come up drains and swim in toilets? What a contradiction! Anyway, since you asked, I’ve included a small pic of a cockroach–John wants me to say that this one is a baby compared to some of these suckers. Don’t click on the image unless you want to see it close up!

  11. Gavin Hills
    May 1st, 2006 11:51

    I know it sounds kooky for the little suckers to be clean. SO I did some research. Turns out we are both right. They are very maticulous at cleaning themselves, they need to continually keep the hairs on their bodies clean in order for them to be “lean-mean stealth machines” as the author put it. But they also harbour a plethera of diseases in their intestinal tract. SO be aware that those suckers are spreading their nasty germs everywhere, but as I don’t want to continue to gross you out with this talk, I won’t tell you anything else, Only this If I were you whenever you see one, smash it into smitherines.

  12. Tara Hills
    May 2nd, 2006 12:13

    It’s Tara now and I just read everything and every post from top to bottom. I agree with you Rachel: S-I-C-K! I’ve nary had the ‘pleasure’ (or shall we say disgust) of making my place in the food chain known with the ‘roaches. But if I have to one day, you’ve inspired me to do what I have to do (and use Gavin’s shoes).

    I’m the official spider-killer around this household. Gavin doesn’t scream like a little girl or anything, but he does get the heebie-jeebies when they sneak up on him. I kinda like chances to let that momma-lioness protection out in concrete ways. Spiders and cockroaches BEWARE!!!

    Can’t WAIT to see you on Saturday!


    ps. I’ve been using a mooncup (maybe not the same brand, but the same idea) for 4 years now so if you have any questions ask away…in a personal email or in person though:) Girl talk, you know;)

  13. Kellie
    May 2nd, 2006 13:55

    rachel…. i hate them also. we had a ton of them in bangalore. amanda even had one in her pants. she had left them on the floor during the night, so there is a little pointer for you. i am now a very experineced cockroach killer. make sure you squish and turn. because if you just squish the little guys (sometimes no so little) will recover, and start running away. they love potatos, and other veggies. they love food left out. but, if you made a big stance against them, soon enough they will leave you alone and go bother someone else. =-)

  14. Kellie
    May 2nd, 2006 13:57

    gavin, they may be clean, but they are a nightmare. and they multiply like crazy. they are a housewifes worst enemy!

    tara, i have the kill the spiders in our house also!

  15. Rachel
    May 3rd, 2006 09:52

    Gavin, thanks for the research… and I will keep smooshing them with willful vengence.

    Kellie, thanks for the advice on killing those dratted “things” (they don’t deserve to be named), and keeping them away. John thinks we should leave the carcasses around as a warning to the other cockroaches, but “our” ants keep carrying them away to some unknown lair before you know it… eek!

    Tara- I relate to the mother lioness protection! Yeah, using the hubby’s shoes is the way to go! See you soon.

  16. Deb
    June 23rd, 2006 01:13

    Cockroaches are really one of my worst fears – my first week in China I had no bed, so slept on a mat on the floor. What a dumb idea. Woke up to something crawling in my hair, and couldn;t stop screaming even after I go it out. Pulled back the sheets only to find another one in there! Only think worse was the rat in bed with me a couple months ago out in the mountains! How will we survive??

  17. Rachel
    June 23rd, 2006 01:41

    I almost shrieked when I read this! What a HORRIBLE thing to happen to you! I don’t want to try to imagine it. What a brave girl you are to keep living there!

  18. John
    June 23rd, 2006 01:53

    All I can say is: Missionary Girls Rock!

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