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Stunning India!!


What makes India so stunning, isn’t that it’s architecture reaches out and grabs you. And, it’s not really the mass of colorful sari-covered women and their children, the conversing men on the streets, the laborers hard at work or the obvious diversity between Indians either. And, I can’t say that it’s the sights of the amazingly ripe and fresh vegetables we’ve seen at road-side tables throughout the city, nor the aromas of different curries around. No, it’s not the new sounds India brings to our ears either, that leave us feeling like we just took a good head shot from a prize fighter, yet with no pain. Dogs barking at late-night passer Byers, horns being erratically honked at anyone or anything within a distance close enough to possibly get in the way, and other bangs and bumps in the night were all things I had experienced before to some degree or another.
I have also experienced Palm trees and semi-tropical deciduous trees sharing the same rocky ground. And, I have at least seen pictures of places where nice gardens have somehow overcome the obstacles of the arid climate as they have in the yard next to the one where we are staying. None of these things alone are enough to stun me. But add them all up, throw in a new language, and jump in like we have and bam– you have India!
Last night, we first encountered this diverse culture at the airport. It was a long two to three hour process going through the customs/immigration/baggage lines. But, being in a new country was too exciting to get all annoyed about the baggage thing and with almost all of our bags, we finally stepped outside the airport at around three thirty AM. We were greeted instantly by a small fleet of taxi-drivers and beggars with stumps where their hands should be, or little children draped over their shoulders. Maneuvering our way through them, we loaded up the vehicle and drove through the night city. I couldn’t stop taking in the different night scenes we drove through. There were early risers congregating around a few stands selling something that was no doubt delectable as well as cheap. There were also blanketed human-sized mounds strewn across the sidewalk at periodic intervals too. This reminded me of India’s poverty and the massive billboards and neon advertisements for all of the modern technological toys reminded me of it’s commercialism and it’s economic advancements.
That ride home was the first few painless jabs that India has dealt me to leave me stunned after only 24 hours. The next few, and probably the most powerful came between five and six AM. Aria, tired, and most likely very confused about the time and the surroundings, was not about to believe that it was still sleep-time no matter what the clocks said. So, we let mommy get some rest because daddy wasn’t tired anyway, and we stepped out onto the balcony. The night was wrapped in a breeze that was both warm and cool at the same time, and the trees speckled between the yards and houses were gently illuminated by the moonlight reflecting off of the thin layer of clouds overhead which only a few stars could penetrate. The sounds of traffic, dogs and the occasional person that poured forth from the darkness was India’s voice, screaming loudly to remind me that she’s still alive, despite the darkness.
Aria and I were both very stunned. I just stood there Aria, in my arms, and we both just stared into night taking in the silhouettes of colossal boulders on the hillside, and outlines of unfamiliar looking buildings. The different sounds of the night were both startling and delighting to us both at the same time and, for around an hour we were silent as India wooed us. Eventually, before the sun peered from it’s hiding place below the horizon, Aria and I both went back in, across the marble tiled floor to the bed where we drank of our sleep until early afternoon.
Well, the grand finale of our excursion so far was our trip out to look at apartments today. “Grand Finale” might not be the best words to describe it as the balcony experience was pretty grand in it’s own way. Regardless though, we went out to look at a couple apartments today. We survived the seemingly lawless traffic that was actually very entertaining. Nothing really seemed too dangerous though. Although, a motorcycle did come pretty close to me as I crossed a street, and we did have to stand dangerously close to a man who probably hasn’t showered yet in 2006. Although we didn’t find a place to call home yet, we did get to see Hyderabad in broad daylight and that was pretty sweet.
Yeah, well, despite all of the excitement, thinking of all of you does bring longings as I’m already missing you. Please do remember us in your prayers and look for more updates and such from us frequently. We do have a high-speed internet connection so, get ready for video conversations and such over the web and let me know when you’re set up, we’ll make it happen.
May God richly bless you!

8 Responses to “Stunning India!!”

  1. Dave Horsman
    February 8th, 2006 12:24


    This is a great post. Thanks for sharing. You brought me to Hyderabad for a few moments. Thanks and Peace.


  2. Karen Miller
    February 8th, 2006 12:36

    You have a wonderful way of describing your
    situation. Enjoyed it very much.

  3. joe robertson
    February 8th, 2006 15:08

    amazing. dont be teasing me about video conversations though.


  4. Mary Goodman
    February 8th, 2006 17:31

    You brought the sights & sounds alive. I want to go there. I want to see every place that I read about or see on TV. God bless you guys as I’m sure He will.
    Love & prayers
    Uncle Dave & Aunt Mary Goodman

  5. Micah
    February 8th, 2006 21:26

    why do you let joe robertson post ?
    India is beautiful, I like India.
    Stock up on TP its hard to find, it is ethical to steal it from nice hotel/restraunts…right?

  6. Stephanie Funck
    February 9th, 2006 12:20

    wow! you are in my prayers. thank you for painting such a beautiful picture of india.

  7. Bittu
    February 10th, 2006 17:02

    john, you transported me back to the inherent flavors, sights, and sounds of my old home. thanks so much for that..i look forward to your future musings. i’m also glad that you’re experiencing this ancient and multilayered country as it should be…with open eyes and an open mind. -bittu

  8. Kumari Griffin
    February 10th, 2006 22:14

    Hi there guys. Koolness I am really excited for you guys and looking forward to seeing and hearing what the Lord does in and through you while you are in India. You can count on my prayers for you.

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