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Becoming Informed and Raising Awareness


So I guess the threat of a cold is what it takes to get me to finally write, when I’ve been planning to for the past three weeks.  Aria has a stuffy nose right now and last night I woke up feeling a little sore in my throat.  So, instead of rushing around like a maniac, I’m taking today to drink LOTS of fluids and rest (besides laundry, of course) to see if I can ward this bug off.

 Aria’s first immunization appointment was scheduled for three weeks ago.  The morning of, I got a phone call saying the doctor wasn’t in; could we reschedule for tomorrow?  I said that was fine and used the opportunity to do something I’d been putting off — researching the vaccines.  My mum had been wanting me to for a while, but with life’s busyness, I just hadn’t gotten around to it.  So that day, I ended up spending 8 hours, maybe a bit more, researching.  Some of what I read, I found apalling.  We are truly walking about as blind people as we accept everything the FDA says as gospel truth.  I don’t want to believe something is okay and healthy for me and my family just because they say it is.  I don’t believe they really care about us as much as we care about our loved ones; how can they?  They are also responsible to keep everything running smoothly which includes keeping hospitals, doctors, and pharmacists in business.  Sure, I know it sounds like I’m running with a conspiracy theory… how are you so certain it isn’t?  Some people like to trust the government and take their word as law.  Some people would rather just not know.  Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is not that there is a conspiracy against us.  The point I want to drive home is to become informed and with that information, make an informed decision weighing all the odds against one another.

 Back to the vaccine research — that day, three weeks ago, I became informed.  I want you to become informed to… not to see things from my point of view, but to do what’s best for you, your family, and loved ones.  There are preservatives that are put in the vaccines and some of these preservatives are more dangerous than others.  Perhaps you’ve heard about thimerosal, a mercury preservative which is put in many vaccines.  Since they began using this preservative, autism went up 300%!  Autism has been linked to mercury poisoning.  The FDA says it is not harmful in the amounts that are in the vaccines… perhaps not.  But when you consider that mercury remains in your body instead of been excreted; and that you don’t simply have one vaccine, but many; and who knows how much mercury you unknowingly consume in other things; it ups that mercury count so much.  And, if it’s not harmful to us, then why is the FDA working on getting it removed from vaccines?  There is a table on their website that informs you which vaccines have thimerosal and which don’t.  The World Health Organization quotes, "There is no safe level of mercury."  Another website states "Knowledge is Power" and lists the different ingredients in each vaccine and also how the different chemicals are either suspected or recognized by the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) for being different toxicants.  Thimerosal is listed there as being an "EDF recognized developmental toxicant" and "EDF suspected skin or sense organ toxicant".
 If you really want to dig into the dangers of thimerosal and mercury, you can read about it on "The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup" or research it yourself.

 Of course, mercury in the form of thimerosal is not the only danger in vaccines… check out aluminum as a preservative; it’s just as destructive to our bodies… and our toothpaste and antiperspirants are full of it!

 When all’s said and done, I did pick and choose what to vaccinate Aria with — I felt that the decision I made was informed and I felt good about that even though I knew I had to choose between two evils.  What I chose to do I couldn’t do out of fear.  Fear eats at us.  I had to make my decision prayerfully and then move forward confidently, knowing my steps are led by my Lord who loves me. Please pray that we choose the right vaccines for going to India.

 And knowing that, why would I want to live on this earth forever anyway?emoticon  Rachel Clancy

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