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Old Front page about Father’s heart


Ok, you’ll have to humor me while I dote on my daughter.
Boy she's cute isn't she

Aria is doing very well these days – although she’s crying her self to sleep at the moment. I can’t tell you how much Rachel and I are learning about God and life as we have been passing through the exciting new realms of parenthood. Just today, in fact, I was reflecting on something that I read in S.D. Gordon’s Quiet Talks on John’s Gospel. He was talking about how it feels when the baby first recognizes the mother or father, and how that parent feels when the child smiles as their eyes connect. Wow! I have been experiencing that ecstatic feeling.


As I walked today, I thought about how Aria plays little games with me sometimes when I first get home from work. I’ll walk in, kneel to where she is at, and say her name-waiting for her eyes to meet mine. But sometimes, she avoids my eyes. I will move my head in front of hers and elevate my tone of voice in the hope of catching her attention, but it doesn’t always work right away. I am not sure why she plays this little game with me: I assume that it is some kind of shyness because she hasn’t seen me all day. But, when those ocean blue eyes finally do lock with my own, and that smile appears on her face, I’m practically parylized-I couldn’t turn away if I wanted. It gives me so much pleasure to look into that lit-up face!
So, what I’m thinking is this: if my little girl brings me so much delight with a mere gaze and smile, how much more delight does our heavenly Father take in our glances. He reminded me of how much He loves it when I smile at Him as I thought of how I love the same with my child. When His children, sanctified through the cross and redeemed by His blood, set our eyes to Him, His heart is truly pierced! I have experienced piercing of the heart at times when my wife has looked at me with love in her eyes but, my own child… this is a brand new experience- and with that experience, I am able to understand an aspect of God’s character that I’ve never known before. I am truly thankful to that. I am even more thankful that the Father’s heart is as tender toward us- no, more tender towards us than my heart towards Aria.

Aria’s hand, in my own.

So, let us lift our eyes to Him. Let us come before Him with full assurance of the forgiveness of our sins. If those sins have not been dealt with, or if we have guilt that need to be taken care of, let us deal with it quickly that we may go on and delight His heart and may recieve the delight of our own hearts. If you have questions about this seek someone out who knows Jesus and the Father (you can always ask/email me).

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