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Aria is born!!


Rachel and Baby enjoying a rest after all of the hard work they both put in. Like this picture? You can actually order a print! See how below.

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Well, here are Rachel and my (John’s) account of the labor and delivery. Enjoy! And, if you have the time, let us know what you think.

From Rachel:
labor pain
I felt such excitement when I felt the first contractions the day before Aria was due (Aug 8th). However, once real labor started (8am on the 9th) I realized how much work I was in for. The morning that we went to the hospital, I called to discover that the midwife I had wanted for my birth was on duty. This was definitely an answer to prayer because she only works one day a week at this hospital. Later that day, I found out that she was a Christian as well and her guidance and support was definitely a blessing from God through the 28 hours of labor.
supportIn addition to John, I also had support from two close friends, Heather Christopher and Ginger Griffin. Each of these four people gave me such encouragement and helped to strengthen me in my weakness.
I greatly desired to give birth to Aria without pain medication. I didn’t know if I could but had been praying for weeks before hand that God would give me the strength. At times during labor, the contractions seemed so intense that I didn’t know how I could make it. Twice, I asked the others to pray that God would give me strength. I myself tried to focus on Him. During Transition (Final stage of labor, before pushing. Normally very painful) I had to take my mind off the pain. I had a picture in my head of the Good Shepherd (Jesus), Holding and stroking a little lamb (Rachel actually means little lamb) in His arms. I knew He was there with me.
I felt such relief when Aria was finally born at 12:47 in the morning AM. And even though, there seemed to be complications for her, I wasn’t worried. I knew that God had her in His capable hands. I got to see her briefly before they took her away to do tests on her, and was amazed at how big she looked. Also, how much she looked like John. I kissed her all over the face, hoping that I would see her before too long.
The nurses thought that they would have to keep her through the night. But by God’s grace, she was brought back to us an hour after her birth, doing well. What a joy this new life is.

From John:

Well, the first birth that I ever attended was my own daughter’s. I am confident of one thing, I will not forget this birth!
This whole experience was, and still is, one of heightened emotions. It seems that I have experienced the wide range of different feelings that we’re capable of. Fear of pain & death, compassion for the hurting, joy of new life, excitement of danger, empathetic pains, frustration with aspects of labor, anger at nurses & especially love for my new daughter each met my soul with the force of a freight train. These emotions left me feeling like a runner after finishing a grueling marathon. Yes, I felt shell-shocked and even confused about how to feel.
Now, though, I am feeling great. Aria is in great shape and is feeding well and sleeping well. This is an answer to prayer and helps me to lay hold of some of that emotional stability. One thing that I am learning though, is that I really can trust God with the most valuable things in my life: namely my wife and daughter.
Knowing that God always has my best interest in His mind and heart means that even when the umbilical cord was wrapped around Aria’s little neck, I can trust Him. Even when her flesh was blotchy and the nurses seemed concerned… even then, I can trust Him. Yes, even if He decided to take her… I can trust Him.
I had to come to that conclusion after the difficulties that we experienced in the delivery, or I would never be able to rest with peace. I can not make her heart beat once. This lies solely in God’s hands and in His hands I must leave it. That doesn’t mean that I can’t talk to God about it and ask Him to protect her. I do that. Not only that, but I believe that He has plans for her life and so, I ask for this protection in faith that God will hear my prayers and answer them.
I am thankful that I am not in control of their lives. I don’t think that I could handle the stress that that would cause on me. I’m just not equipped for that amount of responsibility. I can only take charge of what God has called me to, and leave the rest to Him. And, I am having alot of fun with that right now. It means being a daddy; loving my wife and child and leaving the rest to God!

One Response to “Aria is born!!”

  1. The Hills
    August 13th, 2005 21:48

    Dear friends,

    Words fail me..my eyes are full of happy tears and there’s a big ol lump in my throat. Aria is precious beyond description..Rachel is a holy mother now…and John, you are in the right place now as a husband and father: TRUSTING the Lord with ALL your heart. We ache to be there and smother you all with happy kisses and whispered prayers of gratitude and hope. But from afar, we send you all these with our fondest congratulations.

    Welcome Aria…welcome. For such a time as this you were created and brought into the world on eagles wings. The Lord is your Shepherd and He is GOOD. May His unfailing love be a crown upon your head. May you be a shining lamp of His grace in the the dark night of these days. May you walk in truth and love all the days of your life. But for now, little one, sleep, nurse, enjoy, be loved.

    All our love,
    Gavin, Tara and Eden Hills

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