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Details about Trip and Car


Life in a packed box.
There is always a moment when we realize practically all our earthly belongings are traveling down the highway with us, hemming us in on all sides. This is when I wish I could just get rid of a few more things. But while this seems practical in some ways, it’s not always the smartest thing to do. And for a few days, our car is our home. When people ask where we live, I almost want to laugh. Everything is in our car… we are in transit. And there is no extra space to stretch out. At one point we stopped at a rest area and I was trying to carefully search for my nalgene (water bottle) without tearing apart the back seat. No luck in finding it and as we pulled away a man waved at us to stop, pointing at one of John’s good shoes lying in the parking spot we were just in. Oops! I guess it fell out while I was nosing around in the back seat.

Being broke down in Muncie!
This was quite an experience, but at least God was faithful to let us breakdown in a place where we are staying with our good friends Joe and Rachel, and we had time to fix everything properly. It started after we arrived in Muncie, Indiana with our car spitting and sputterring, I told the car that it was quite rude to spit in public, but it refused to listen. Not only that, but I guess the car really wanted to make a point— after putting some dry gas in the car, I tried to pull out of a gas station and the car died on me after moving out into traffic. We almost got sideswiped by a Mack Truck and so, it was evident, I was going to need to do something.
I guessed it could be a clogged fuel system and I’d change the fuel filter. But, after I bought it, the car wouldn’t start to leave the parts store. Luckily, there was a repair shop next door and rather than taking the advice of another parts store customer who informed me (with a thick Indiana accent) that I had a bad fuel pump, I took it into the shop. Good thing too, because it wasn’t the fuel pump, and I could have spent alot of time and money on that thing for nothing. Rather, it was the ignition coil. So they replaced that, and sent me on my way. Unfortunately, I broke down again after that! I went back, and then they had to replace the new ignition coil ’cause they said that one was bad too!
At this point I’m starting to get a little bit worried. But they told me that I probably just needed to replace my distributor cap, rotor buttonn, and sparkplug wires. That, I could do. So I bought the parts and headed out again. And, once again, the car died in the road. Some guy in a van pushed me out of the middle of the fourway intersection I was sitting in while the cop, who happened to be next to me when it died, stopped traffic. With the help of Joe’s brother we changed all of those items that I had just purchased. But…. the car was STILL DEAD!
We towed the thing back to the shop and, as you can imagine, they were thrilled to see me. At one point, there were four of us huddled around the open engine, just staring and discussing what could be the issue. Well, I left the car there and the next morning they discovered that the distributor was bad. I found a used one at a junkyard and they put it in for me. They were very, very good to me when it came to labor costs and when they were done that day, praise God, I was able to drive away and not go back.

New Car on the Horizon?
So, after these issues, could it be coincidence that some friends of ours offered to give us their old vehicle? We don’t know, but we’re thinking it is the Lord. Definitely pray for us to know though. This is also an old car (though it is 4 years younger than our Mazda) and although ours has had its fair share… ok, more than its fair share of problems, it’s still been a very trusty steed. We’re going to check out the car tonight, so please pray for us to have the wisdom to know if we should make the switch or not.

One Response to “Details about Trip and Car”

  1. Tim
    May 27th, 2005 18:53

    Thinking of you guys!
    Glad you made it safely and wonder at the adventures this life sometimes throws our way. I really like the photo – way to go on the rack John!
    You both look very good and can’t wait to see you back on campus!

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